Eastern Traditions Meets Cutting-edge Technology

Biofolic’s birthplace is South Korea, which today stands for high-tech, telecommunications technology, the latest in consumer electronics and medical science. With its large corporations, South Korea is a driver of global innovation and is one of the world’s top economies.

South Korea’s health care has a very long history and is rooted in traditional Korean remedies, the practice of which can be traced back to 3.000 B.C.

While Europe in the Middle Ages burned away her traditional remedies on the fires of the Inquisition, Korea conducted extensive investigations of local herbs.

Throughout this period numerous volumes about medical use of domestic plants were published in Korea.

The use of algae and seaweed in treatment of hair for healthy growth has a long tradition i Korea. The latest development of high-tech extraction methods, called nano-extraction allows for a far more effective exploitation of the plant’s active ingredients and leading to improved treatment results.

By combining more than 5.000 years of knowledge and experience gathered by practitioners of traditional Korean remedies with latest nanotechnologies, Biofolic has developed an all natural and highly effective remedy for healthy looking hair , with no harmful side effects.

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