BIOFOLIC Shampoo is made from natural ingredients with many benefits for your hair and scalp.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo consists of seaweed, algae as well as herbs, containing peptides and bioactive components, that stimulate hair growth.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo contains high concentrations of alginic acid and iodine, which are necessary for the production of keratin, which is needed for growing new hair.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo cleanses and nourishes both hair and scalp. The composition of seaweed, algae and 11 herbs and grains gives you all the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair growth.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo also helps against itchiness by removing dandruff and sebum.

The active plant components have been extracted using the revolutionary nano extraction technique, which allows to make the most use of raw materials and highest possible absorption in the body.

Documented Effect

Safe Ingredients

BIOFOLIC Shampoo consists of herbs, algae, seaweed and grains. Especially sea plants like algae and seaweed contain large quantities of alginic acid and iodine (an important building block in the fiber-forming protein keratin), as well as other components, which helps accelerate hair growth.

Fast Absorption

BIOFOLIC Shampoo is created using the revolutionary nano extraction technique, in order to overcome the limitations of existing extraction methods.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo comes in a practical bottle and has no side effects.

BIOFOLIC Shampoo is a non-invasive product and has no negative effect on the body.