The effect of a topical spray of Biofolic for the prevention of the hair loss and the promotion of the hair growth of the alopecia patients

(Sebum and dandruff removal, alopecia prevention, hair growth effect).
Recent Medicine, Vol. 47 Issue 7 (Professor Park, Dae Hwan, College of Medicine, Catholic University of Daegu)

Sebum and dandruff removal effect

Sebum and dandruff removal effect
Among 58 male and female subjects who participated in the clinical study, excessive sebum and dandruff were removed in most of the subjects within 2~3 weeks of use. After one month of use, all subjects showed normal status.

Reduction in hair loss

Within 2~3 weeks, most (93%) of subjects showed significant reduction in hair loss.

Hair growth

Hair growth effect with the thickening of hair was seen in most (93%) of the patients between 4~8 weeks.

Increase in Hair Growth

Increase in the Hair growth effect was seen in most (95%) of the patients between 8~16 weeks.

[This study involved 58 men and women under the age of 60(men: 56, women: 2) collected for clinical trials on a random basis]

Verification of Biofolic mechanism

made using seaweeds and natural medicinal herbs

Industry-academy-research final report in April, 2007

Looking at the results of Biofolic, expression level of growth hormone IGF-1 was higher in comparison to the control group. Expression of TGF-β1 which disturbs the growth of hair was lower compared to the
control group. This shows acceleration of hair growth incited by Biofolic.

Alopecia prevention / hair growth stimulation

with seaweeds and natural medicinal herbs in Biofolic

Gyeongbuk Marine Bio Project (Professor Lee, Tae Hoo, Department of Bio Resource Engineering, Kyunghee University)

Anti-oxidant effect (DPPH suppression)

About 90% of the DPPH extinction rate was verified at the final concentration of 10%, showing a strong antioxidant effect of BIOFOLC.

Inflammation (Interlukin-6 suppression rate)

There was no cell toxity at a final concentration of 1%, and the IL-6 suppression rate was about 46%.

Suppression of protein which controls hair growth cycle (TGF-β2 suppression effect)

①TGF-β2 suppression Effect in HaCat cell

Expression of TGF-β2 was verified in the group that did not use Biofolic in HaCaT, but the group with 1% Biofolic suppressed an expression of TGF-β2.

②TGF-β2 suppression Effect in HHDPC cell

In the HHDPC cell group with 0.1% and 1% concentration, increased concentration resulted in a lower expression.

Biofolic was verified to delay the cycle of transition from anagen to catagen in the hair growth cycle.