A good feeling

More is more. Enjoy your new-found hair health!

You have now completed 8 weeks of the BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure. How do you feel? How is your hair? In most cases you will be able to feel a distinctly firmer hair structure. The daily fear of the brush should also disappear, due to decreasing hair loss. The massive supply of nutrients over the past weeks has given your hair follicles the necessary support for production of new hair substance!

Our motivation tip: Relaxation

Woman relaxation

Stress can have a severe impact on the body and thus also on the health of your hair. In such situations it can be very helpful to use simple countermeasures, such as this simple breathing exercise:

  • Close your eyes for a moment
  • Breath in through your nose
  • Feel how the air floats in
  • Breath out slowly through your nose
  • Try to think of a short, positive word, such as “happy” or “peace”, by each breath

You can repeat this exercise anytime and anywhere as often as you want.