Over the past 3 months of intensive BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure, your hair follicles have received a massive targeted support through supply of micronutrients. If you wish to continue supplying your hair with all the necessary nutrients, you can now switch to BIOFOLIC Capsules maintenance dosage. We recommend a daily intake of 1 BIOFOLIC Capsule for continuous active support of a healthy hair production.

Especially if your hair loss is hereditary, a “once and for all” treatment will not suffice and can only be controlled by continuous intake.You have now completed 8 weeks of the BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure. How do you feel? How is your hair? In most cases you will be able to feel a distinctly firmer hair structure. The daily fear of the brush should also disappear, due to decreasing hair loss. The massive supply of nutrients over the past weeks has given your hair follicles the necessary support for production of new hair substance!

Our motivation tip: celebrate yourself!

Allow yourself to celebrate your new hair with something that you love – a wellness day at your favorite spa, a dinner in a good restaurant or perhaps a weekend trip.