Mental support with tips and infos

You have chosen BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure to give your hair new strength. Our BIOFOLIC Coach will support you during the following weeks with many useful tips and information about Hair Health.


With only 3 BIOFOLIC Capsules daily, you are giving your hair follicles valuable micronutrients that they need to produce healthy hair. Because hair grows very slowly and your follicles work under cover of the skin, the first fragile results will be visible after appr. 4 weeks. Although you cannot see anything yet, just enjoy the thought that you are giving your hair the best care.


BIOFOLIC Capsules make your hair strong from within. Die PRIORIN® Kapseln machen Ihre Haare von innen stark. When used correctly, BIOFOLIC Capsules can improve the structure of your hair and hair follicles and counteract hair loss. BIOFOLIC Capsules efficiency comes from their valuable content of micronutrients.


For the time before the first visible results of the BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure occur, we recommend BIOFOLIC Shampoo. It provides complementary care alongside BIOFOLIC Capsules and gives volume and shine and is suitable for weak and thinning hair, also after completion of the 12-week BIOFOLIC Capsules Cure.


Best wishes!