Micronutrients in BIOFOLIC Capsules strengthen hair follicles from within

The hair follicle is very metabolically active. It tirelessly produces new cell for the growing hair. The cells of the hair follicle have an enormously high cell division rate with a short cell cycle and belong among the fastest dividing tissues.


Newly created cells take their predecessor’s place, pushing them upwards in the hair root canal. The higher cells are pushed up through the hair root canal, the more Keratin they produce. During the so-called keratinization, the cells cornify and the new hair hardens. The cornified cells are pushed further upwards and thus form, above the scalp, the visible hair.


The hair’s follicles stretch all the way down to the lower skin layers. They are always somewhat tilted and so determine the direction in which the hair grows. Hair follicles are wrapped in layers of cells, which have different functions in the production of hair. Biofolic nutrition capsules

Hair is formed in the follicle and supplied with nutrients through blood vessels. It is here building blocks that give the hair its vitality and those that decide the hair color are created.

All the nutrients that your hair needs to stay healthy, are supplied via the hair’s follicles.


Your hair clearly shows if it has a healthy base and is adequately supplied by the body with nutrients. The hair shafts have a diameter of appr. 0,04 mm. Keratin (a protein) is an important component in production of hair.


This is why the hair follicles are paramount for a healthy, strong and full hair and the micronutrients found in BIOFOLIC Capsules are so valuable. Especially sea plants like algae and seaweed contain large quantities of alginic acid and iodine (an important building block in the fiber-forming protein keratin), as well as other components, which helps accelerate hair growth.