Biofolic tonic is a spray-type product with excellent Alopecia prevention and hair growth stimulation capabilities, for both males and females, developed
using marine products, crops and natural herbs as main ingredients.
Breaking away from existing extraction methods, active ingredients extracted to a very small size (below 2,000 molecular weight) at low temperatures
allow rapid absorption of nutrients. Various essential nutrients necessary for the formation and growth of hair alongside active ingredients that help
remove sebum and dandruff are selectively extracted.
Biofolic products contain valid peptides (human recombinant proteins), known as growth factor, for better efficiency. At the same time, there is no
shedding observed in the natural herb product that recovers the health of the scalp and roots by approaching the problem with comprehensive and
fundamental methods.
Particularly in relation to DHT suppression,TGF-β1 and β2 that are known to induce the suppression of hair mother cells and the apoptosis of cells are
suppressed while increasing IGF-1 that accelerates hair growth. This accelerates hair growth, thereby helping you returning to a
normal hair growth cycle.

Checklist for escaping Alopecia

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Are the ingredients trustworthy?

Biofolic Hair Tonic contains natural herbs, marine products and crops as main ingredients. Marine products (seaweeds and sea tangles) contain large amounts of alginic acid and iodine (an essential ingredient in the formation of keratin). There are also other ingredients and raw materials that help accelerate hair growth. Instead of being applied to specific damaged parts, the product approaches the problem with comprehensive and fundamental methods to revitalise both hair and hair roots.

Is the infiltration strong and fast?

Biofolic Hair Tonic introduces low temperature high-tech extraction that overcomes limitations of existing extraction methods. By minimizing the loss of active substances needed by your hair hair, concentrating the extracted particles into a very small size and quickly delivering them to the roots, the product help regain a normal hair growth cycle.

Is it available to everyone?

Biofolic Hair Tonic is a convenient spray-type product without any side effects. Extracts from natural substances recover the scalp and roots to a healthy condition. Biofolic Hair Tonic is a natural product with no known side effects or discomfort to the body.

Is Biofolic Hair Tonic strong against genetic Alopecia?

Most Alopecia treatments and products merely emphasize the suppression of DHT. However, some of these products have problems such as side effects or shedding (the falling out of hair during usage of these products) and have a gender limitation (cannot used by females).