Biofolic has developed an advanced technique that effectively extracts active ingredientsfrom seaweeds and natural herbs with no thermal destruction

In general, hot water extraction and organic solvent extraction are widely used to extract functional active substances from natural ingredients. In hot
water extraction, high temperatures that are above 100°C significantly destroy functional active substances and reduce efficiency. Organic solvent
extraction allows for selective extraction of specific ingredients, but there are limitations in terms of the quantity of active ingredients complicating the
operation of the functional ingredients. Our new advanced extraction technique overcomes such limitations of existing methods and compensates
for the disadvantages of thermal destruction of functional substances.
This technology features a complex extraction method that also overcomes the limitation of the selective extraction using organic solvents.
Active hydrogen that can remove active oxygen in the human body, together with active ingredients from seaweeds and herbs extracted in
nanoparticles small sizes, allow for rapid absorption of nutrients and active components.

At the same time, using a highly advanced extractor, active and functional substances can be quickly extracted without thermal destruction in nonthermal
temperature range (50-60°C).
During extraction, molecule size of functional ingredients extracted from seaweeds and various herbs is about 1,000-2,000.
This overcomes the limitations of existing hot water, solvent and membrane extraction methods to extract all active ingredients at the same time.
In particular, this extraction is characterized by the utilization of unique ingredients, without making changes to the ingredients.
In addition to the research of functional peptides (growth factor), we are also conducting extensive research in the field of plant stem cells and human
adipose derived stem cells.



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